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Cookie Chomp is a free mobile puzzle sport. In this game, you may be gambling as an lovable little cookie gremlin who is obsessed with the crunch and the fall apart of cookies. You don't care what sort of cookies, how large, how small, or what is interior of them. All which you care about is chowing down at the baked goodness of cookies as crumbs fly all round. However, like every fascinations, the cookies are handiest a method to an quit. You are not simply gobbling them up for the a laugh of it, you are looking to unencumber new levels that characteristic even greater cookies. This method you'll ought to discern out a way to devour in the right order and unravel the good judgment puzzles inherent in each level. This is a delicious puzzle recreation wherein you're trapped in a maze filled with cookies and you ought to devour them inside the right order if you want to survive and escape. How a long way can you go? Will you parent out the riddle behind every stage? Only time an your gaming capability might also inform.

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